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What is this site?
hlsintel is a one-stop shop for your HLS needs. HLS stands for 'hungry law students' em-dash, nice the first part of this site ever built was the lunch event finder. Intel is short for the intelligence gathered by you, your fellow classmates, and a few helpful robots.
How can I get in touch?
If you're talking about pop culture, reality, or your relatives, our AI unfortunately has not come that far. But if you have questions, concerns, or bugs to report, you can contact us at itshlsintel@gmail.com! Copy
Who is responsible for this site?
hlsintel is run by JOLT, the Journal of Law and Technology, with support from the Student Government. hlsintel was created by King Xia (HLS '20).
How can I help?
Uploading materials and reviews is the best thing you can do! If you happen to possess a very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career in really any way, please reach out! We'd love to have you come on-board!
Why is there an upload requirement?
We want to maintain a robust and useful document bank for students to use, and part of that is making sure we have the newest documents. Unlike other organizations, we do not want to impose a high barrier of entry, because we want to make sure everyone can make use of the site. First semester students are exempt from this requirement, and once you've graduated, you can also access this forever.
I am a 1L. Do I have to upload something?
You are exempt from the upload requirement your first semester! We will ask for you to upload something in the Spring that you created in the Fall.
I am a transfer student. Do I have to upload something?
Just like 1Ls, not for your first semester. This also applies to LLM students! Exchange students, alumni, and faculty all have this requirement permanently waived.
Where do document names come from?
We randomly generate document names by selecting a pair of words from a database of ~3,000 words. Once a pair of words has been used, that pair will not be resused, so that each document name is unique. If you find that any generated name offensive, you can report the listing to notify us. For those of you who remember outlines by their old names (Pirate, Jordan, etc.), we will also list those names alongside the document's new name.
Are you adding more features?
We will be constantly developing new features, so keep an eye out for exciting things coming down the pipeline!
Where did the EIP feature go?
EIP functionality is currently under development!
How are you using my data?
Our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use describes how we use and handle your data.
Where did hlsintel come from?
hlsintel takes its inspiration and initial outline and exam banks from HLS Dope, a site created by HLS alumnus Tyler Vigen. HLS Dope is no longer maintained, but JOLT and SGA felt that the benefits of Tyler's creation were too good to lose. hlsintel is a spiritual revival of HLS Dope, with the goal of ensuring that while individual students may graduate, future generations of HLS students can continue to enjoy the cooperative community that HLS Dope fostered.
Why can't I log in?
We've found that users who are running the PrivacyBadger extension are unable to login to the site. We are currently unsure why this is the case. You will have to disable PrivacyBadger to gain site access.